If you are planning a pregnancy,  

on your way to motherhood or 

healing after your birth experience

Apinya Pregnancy Care offers advice & support on

    Preconception and pregnancy wellness 

Choosing your model of maternity care

Managing anxiety, fatigue & discomforts   

Holistic birth preparation

Establishing a deep  connection with yourself, your partner & your baby

Post birth recovery & breastfeeding

Apinya (a pregnancy in your alignment) embodies holistic care that integrates natural medicine principles with expert midwifery knowledge to ensure your pregnancy & childbirth experience is the best it can be. You can feel well informed and empowered in all aspects of your pregnancy, in mind, body & spirit.


Treatments can start at any time in your pregnancy and may include a naturopathic midwife assessment, nutritional advice and therapies such as massage, aromatherapy,  Australian Bush Flower Essences and energy healing.​


Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat about what your options are for antenatal care. 

I am not a private practising midwife but am happy to collaborate with your primary provider. 


Ever had a gut feeling about something? Felt the vibe of a room on entering? Every thing in nature holds a vibration. We are more than physical beings and can manifest in our own vibrational field long before physical or emotional symptoms appear. Energy therapy can be considered quite 'alternate' in regards to conventional medicine, however science is catching up;  check out Dr Bruce Lipton's work on 'The Biology of Belief" and Masaru Emoto's experiments on water, consciousness and intent for some insight on how our thoughts and emotions affect us.


Reiki and Pellowah are two different methods of energy therapy that may help renew your lifeforce energy or assist you to move forward in life, clear and clarify your thinking and give you a wonderful sense of wellbeing. Pregnancy can be a very spiritual experience as new life blossoms within. If you're a first time mum experiencing apprehension about the birth day or you've had a previous traumatic experience, then energy therapy could be just what's needed to get yourself in a good space for the days ahead. Energy work can be perfect for boosting your energy and establishing a wonderful connection with yourself and baby The best bit is you don't need to do anything but relax and receive the flow. What a gift your (higher) self!


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Wavell Heights QLD Australia


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